Cali Hair Studios

yvonne chau

salon owner & master stylist

Yvonne Chau began cutting hair at age 5 in the bedroom of her parent’s home in her native Vietnam. Her father tells of his daughter‘s first clients being her baby-dolls, and of how she would take scissors to their doll hair and clothing, customizing each to her satisfaction. This creativity and early interest in beauty and fashion evolved into a life-long passion for Yvonne Chau.

After immigrating to the US with her parents in 1993, joining her older brothers already living, working and studying in California, Yvonne enrolled in college in 1995. She realized within a year that her artistic personality could not flourish behind a desk in a classroom. This personal discovery was NOT consistent with her family’s wishes that she earn an advanced degree and continue down a professional career path. A year later, after meeting and marrying husband, Jimmy, the newlyweds decided to begin their married life So Cal. The birth of son, Michael, followed shortly thereafter. Still nagged by feelings that she had disappointed her traditional, high-achieving family by not earning a degree, and yearning to be a part of the vibrant beauty and fashion world that flourishes in metro LA, Yvonne enrolled in cosmetology school in Orange County in 1997. After earning her license, she went on to train under some of So Cal’s best Master Stylists, refining her knowledge, skills and abilities, and putting a sharp, fashion-forward edge on the natural talent her father had glimpsed in her as a child.

Yvonne takes great pride in having worked her way from the bottom up in the beauty business, and believes that no goal is unattainable if your heart is the driving factor.

Individualized and innovative hair coloring and styling
Japanese Hair Straightening
Brazilian Keratin Treatment
Hair Extensions using Fusion techniques
Makeup Application

Yvonne trained at Fulton Cosmetology School and is certified in the following products for hair color and treatment: Redken, Wella, Lisap, Paul Mitchell, Matrix, Chi, Vivitone, L’Oreal, Joico, Jingle and a specialist with New Concept Hair Extensions line and products.

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you have to have passion for it.  I love every single moment of what I do.”  --- Yvonne