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Based in Europe true has been developing, designing and manufacturing high quality professional salon products for over 40 years, for all types of manufacturers in our industry. Today, true is a global leader in human hair extensions. The revolutionary true Hair Extension System uses only 100% human hair of the highest grade, which is pre-bonded with super bond naural keratin tips.

This advanced keratin bonding technology is combined with state-of-the-art professional electronic application equipment to produce a safe, incredibly easy-to-use extension system, that allows us to create spectacular, natural-looking results for you the client, without any damage to your own hair. With 18 unique natural shades and 12 exciting fantasy colors to choose from, it's easy to add incredible length, volume, texture and color. it's no surprise that most of the top names in entertainment and fashion use human hair extensions to achieve today's hottest styles.

Here at Cali's Hair Studio we provide only the truest in human hair technology. Please call us to set your free consultation up with one of our trained staff members today.

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